Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The "Fighting Fucktoy": MissRepresentation

     My guy friends ask me, "Charlotte, why don't you like action movies? Do you only watch old movies and rom-coms?" No, fo yo information I only watch old movies and QUALITY rom-coms, thank very mucho. But for more reason behind this, it's because I cannot sit through an entire movie where the only female actress is wearing a cleavage-showing, tight, black catsuit, and the only time words come out of her mouth are when she is trying to seduce a man. Because, duh, obviously that's all women are good for.
   This model that is used in action movies, an obscene but accurate term that is used in MissRepresentation which was called the "Fighting Fucktoy," is a perfect example of the stereotype that women must use their sexuality to gain empowerment. When was the last time you saw an action movie where all of the male characters are scantily clad and have to use their sexualization as an illusion  that they are empowered? Yeah, didn't think so. 
     It usually doesn't happen the other way around, because action films are geared towards adolescent boys. This young and highly impressionable audience of males then take the message that girls and women are only meant for a limited number of things: for their sexual appearance and their physical bodies. Consequently, this makes young teenage boys take this model of women that they see in the action movies and portray it onto the girls and females in their lives. This is totttttaaaallly warped, because Hollywood is not a reflection of reality. Lets repeat that. HOLLYWOOD IS NOT A REFLECTION OF REALITY.
     Despite this fact, a woman from MissRepresentation stated that we are still "a nation of teenage boys." She was saying that even though times have changed and women have made huge milestones in the past x number of years, blah blah blah, women are still viewed and portrayed as inferior to men, open to scrutinization and objectification from the public and society.

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